Acharya Dr. Raja Shastri

 Karya Siddhi Yagya

Karya Siddhi Yagya, also known as Karya Siddhi Homam, is a sacred fire ritual performed in Hinduism with the intention of seeking success, fulfillment of desires, and the removal of obstacles in one’s endeavors. “Karya” translates to “work” or “task,” and “Siddhi” means “accomplishment” or “success.” The Karya Siddhi Yagya is conducted by qualified priests […]

Navchandi Yagna and rajopchar puja at Joy E Bike Owner Mr Yatin Gupte Factory 

Navchandi Yagna and Rajopchar Puja are two significant rituals performed in Hinduism, particularly in the worship of the divine feminine energy. Navchandi Yagna: Navchandi Yagna is a sacred fire ritual dedicated to the Nav Durga, the nine forms of the Goddess Durga. It is a powerful and elaborate ceremony performed to seek the blessings of […]